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Our Personal Trainer
Joe Rogers
BSc (Hons), MRes, ASCC, FMS
Personal Trainer and function movement specialist
Joe is a highly experienced functional exercise coach who helps people identify and correct biomechanical deficiencies in movement during physical activity that may lead to discomfort or pain and restrict their progress.
Using a scientific approach to exercise, Joe offers individually tailored functional exercise programmes that help reduce symptoms so that people can carry out sporting activities and the demands of day to day living with more confidence and comfort.

Joe is an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and

Functional Movement Instructor Certified


  • One-on-One Training Session

  • A Scientific Approach to Exercise

  • Detects Biomechanical Deficiencies in movement

  • Individually tailored functional exercise programmes

  • Reduce symptoms and return to sport and the activities of everyday living

  • Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Functional Movement Screen Certified

Appointments are available on Fridays 1- 5pm.
£50*- Session Times 45 mins

Please book with reception

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020 7001 7888
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