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You are unique; so is your body.


In the same vein, there is no typical chiropractic patient, nor a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ to chiropractic care.


We treat elite athletes, pregnant ladies, office workers, pensioners, school children and everything in-between.


Everything we do is about you and your body. Often our patients have had a history of unsuccessful treatment before they find their way to us.


The myChiro Clinic way is not just about 'clicking' joints but involves a more personal approach, which can include deep tissue massage, stretching, strengthening and core exercise routine.


Some patients have described their sessions as a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy.


We will keep you moving better and show you functional and dynamic rehab strategies.

Other Services

The clinic has access to a local walk-in x-ray facility with modern digital equipment. Films are produced in minutes and can be viewed immediately, so avoiding any unnecessary delays in the onset of treatment. All the chiropractors are qualified to read and report x-ray films.

X-Ray Results
MRI & Musculoskelatel Ultrasound

The chiropractic staff have full referral access to MRI and ultrasound scanning services which can be arranged quickly and at some of the lowest costs in the country. The nearest facilty is located 10 min away on the Jubilee line and at a cost of £240 per region for MRI and £100 per region for an ultrasound.

Foot Orthotics

Many foot, knee and low back complaints arise as a result of the arches of the feet collapsing. The use of foot orthotics can greatly assist the management of these conditions. Our chiropractic staff are trained to recognise when these may be necessary and our clinic is a supplier of Superfeet orthotics.

Supportive Products

A number of other products are available to patients to assist the treatment of a range of different conditions. These include, orthopaedic pillows, exercise balls, cold packs, fisocreme (Arnica), seat wedges, wobble cushions, foam rollers, lumbar belts and heel lifts. Our clinic is also able to source a wide range of other supportive products. 

Massage Oils
Nutritional Support

With the aim of providing the optimal conditions for treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, the clinic supplies a small range of nutritional supplements.

Fruit Shakes
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